The fund from KBC for Start it @kbc

KBC joined forces with her partners (University of Antwerp, Telenet, Mobile Vikings, Cronos, Accenture, IMEC, Flanders DC and Joyn) to support and boost innovative entrepreneurship in Belgium and beyond.

The Start it @kbc accelerator was created in 2014 to foster scalable business models and provides the office space, expert advice, mentoring, workshops and all the tools needed to succeed. In just a few years, we have seen the accelerator become Belgium’s biggest with over 500 different development stories.

The VC Start it Fund will now extend this helping hand to the financial foundations as well. Potential investments are not confined to specific industries as the Start it @kbc accelerator isn’t either. Luckily KBC is capable of mimicking their diverse expertise within its experienced work force. For those cases where the knowledge of our full-time venture capitalists wouldn’t suffice, an advisory board is created with employees from within the group.”